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Apr 16, 2013 7:00pm EDT
. instructions for making them appear on the internet including just last month in an al qaeda magazine, "inspire." investigators say the explosive in boston was most likely smokeless powder, gunpowder like this, available at sporting goods stores, not something more powerful like dynamite. and they believe the bombs were carried to the scene in dark nylon bags and set off by timers. the fbi is examining photos like this from nbc affiliate whdh to see if nylon bags might have been placed in trash bags on the sidewalk to appear less conspicuous. a former bomb investigator says the experts know what to look for. >> they are able to recognize the minute pieces of an article that a civilian wouldn't even know what it was, but a bomb investigator like fbi or atf will say, that's from a clock. that's from a battery. >> reporter: boston police say the area was checked twice for bombs yesterday, but there was no security screening. >> because there is unrestricted access to the race course, simply because it's 28 miles long, people can come and go and bring items in and out. >> reporter: authorities last
Apr 16, 2013 4:00pm EDT
. and the worst in history, of course, 2001, september, when the al-qaeda operatives crashed the planes into the world trade center, the pentagon and in pennsylvania. >>> stay with us for continuing coverage of the boston bombings. coming up in moments we'll hear from a psychologist on how to process tragic events like this one. >>> a home invasion in loudoun county. aaron gilchrist has more from the live desk. >> reporter: a scary moment for a family in taylorstown, loudoun, virginia. this is chopper 4 above the scene, the home invasion robbery happened about 11:30 this morning on loyalty road in taylorstown, virginia, as we hear from the loudoun county sheriff's office, four men apparently entered this home. they held the family at gunpoint, went through their things, took some items and then took off. now, nobody was hurt in the incident but right now deputies and investigators are canvassing the scene here as you see it below the chopper, the house here as well as the rest of the neighborhood. they are looking for anything that could have been dropped, any type of evidence that coul
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2